The Throw Q&A app is changing how people connect and engage online.

Social media is a powerful tool — but some platforms feel toxic due to cyber bullying, angry rants, and extensive misinformation. If you’re looking for a healthy, positive, and fun alternative to traditional social media platforms, Throw offers an excellent solution.

Throw is an online Q&A app that uses real people from every walk of life to answer any question you have. Throw proudly offers its users:


Throwers and Catchers never need to provide personal information to use the app, so you can protect your personal privacy.


No harsh criticisms, no hate speech, no bullying — Throw relies on its users themselves to take an active role and moderate the content to ensure a positive and respectful experience for everyone.


Throw provides an opportunity for people to help other people and be compensated for their wisdom and time. Every person’s knowledge is unique and priceless - monetize your knowledge!

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